Make your website work for YOU instead of the other way around! Most of the web solutions, that apparently have nothing wrong with them, fail to attract the sort of sales and visitors as promised by the web consultants. According to independent researchers, almost 60% of eCommerce websites suffer from such failure. Having a great website is not merely a science for us. At CGmentor, we have transformed it into an art form.




Having a static website for business was a necessity of the past, having a website optimized based on user’s requirements is a necessity of today. Impeccable design and seemless navigation on your website is the real key to a website’s success. Design and navigation that entices visitors is based on intelligently laid out content, intuitive movement between selections and eye catching visuals is paramount for an impactful website.
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Excellent communication is crucial to build a successful team. Similarly, staying connected within the internal departments is also a must-have. A robust, functional and easy-to-use Intranet solution is crucial because it can help your team share, locate and view information effectively and efficiently so they can focus on their jobs. The time and effort saved locating and transferring data within the group can pay huge dividends through increased productivity.
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The eCommerce concept has been around since the mid-90’s. Many companies use it intensively as a lifeline for generating online revenue but many more shy away from it. Those that don’t utilize eCommerce feel their business is either not ready for it, or they find it overwhelming to set it up and manage it. Nonetheless, eCommerce has proven to be the most successful and profitable “locations” for businesses. Instead of being confined by a physical location that is geographically confined. A boundless virtual location and a limitless clientele opens up for you. With eCommerce, the sky is the limit!
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Smartphones and tablets have introduced an entirely new realm of user experience. Web designers have had to rethink their designs based not only on desktop/laptop experiences but mobile experiences as well. Gone are the days when a single design was required to be optimized against each browser. In this exploding mobile age interacting with websites over smartphones and tablets is not the same as desktop computer monitors. Factors such as click versus touch, screen-size, pixel-resolution, support for Adobe’s Flash technology, optimized markup and many more are critical in creating responsive designs. It is expected that mobile users will overtake fixed internet access by 2014. Are you prepared for this transition?
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An excellent website and a bustling online presence is only sustainable if you have he underlying infrastructure to support it. Setting up a “cloud space” or a server is a big decision and must be done with ample due diligence. If this part of your business is not paid proper attention to, it can reduce productivity and increase costs. Every business is unique and requires a web server solution based on it unique needs. In order to ensure system stability and maximum up-times, you must partner with experienced and knowledgeable providers like CGmentor.

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