Getting customers to know about you and your company can prove to be an elusive task. Spending thousands of dollars on experimenting in-house with digital marketing can prove costly and ineffective. Knowing your target market and reaching your target audience via digital media needs a carefully laid out plan. That plan needs to take into consideration how to use Digital Marketing Campaigns, social media, SEO, SEM, and video portals.

80% of businesses fail not because of their product, but lack of marketing.


A well thought-out and targeted Digital Marketing campaign provides you with an excellent opportunity for exposure and increased market share. It is a non-intrusive method of attracting clients that offer greater engagement possibilities. The key is, establishing an intelligent research based campaign that curtails your traditional marketing costs and produces measurable results. The benefit of real-time reporting allows for flexibility in refining the campaign strategy on the go. So, stop experimenting and start CGmentoring!

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Search engine marketing (SEM) is a must-have in order for your business to be successful online. Marketing strategies like Pay-Per-Click (PPC) play a pivotal role in establishing a successful marketing presence on search engines. CGmentor has been providing businesses of all sizes with successful B2B and B2C search engine marketing strategies that add to their bottom line. Our online marketing formulas can potentially replace the existing costly traditional advertising channels such as the Yellow Pages, television, radio and magazines.

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Before planning your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, it’s worth thinking about precisely what kind of leads to expect for your efforts ? You have to choose how much energy and resources to place into your SEO planning. Good search ratings can result in an increased number of visitors to your website but will they become your paying customers? It is paramount that you envision your customers as real, hot blooded individuals and not mere statistics. Put yourself in their shoes and think, “why should this person search for my company online?” When they do find your site, will they be impressed enough to make the purchase or will they use you for information and purchase elsewhere? These are the sorts of real-life permutations we at CGmentor design our client’s SEO strategies around.

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The internet is driven by the user experience where customers share impressions and encounters, share concepts and trends and publish information. Integrating your website with Facebook, Twitter and other similar Social Media portals enables customers to experience the depth of your business from different vantage points. Social bookmarks through Social Media sites are popular methods of helping your site’s visitors make your business a topic of conversation in their cyber communities. Discussing your products and services within their Social Media communities allows for the best kind of advertising possible. Your website visitors become your salespeople across various Social Media channels. At CGmentor, we fully integrate popular Social Media Applications into the overall online strategy of our clients.

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One of the most important factor that determines a customer’s online purchasing decisions is the company’s Social Media Reputation. The amount of “Likes” you have on Facebook has a massive impact on your credibility and trust in your client’s eyes. There are various ways of boosting your Social Media stature. Carefully planned competition offerings, feedback requests, opinions and suggestions are a few popular ways of boosting your company’s Social Media image. Clear and honest Social Media interactions lead to long term business relationships. Hence, a well thought out Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategy should be a fundamental component of your overall marketing plan. CGmentor is a leader in this field and we ensure that our clients achieve new heights in SMM.

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