The global games market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.7 percent to $86.1 billion by 2016. But there will be plenty of shifting within the market as smartphone/tablet games grow strong and console games lose market share. The number of gamers worldwide will rise from 1.21 billion this year to 1.55 billion. Do you have the next big idea for a game? If yes then perfect! We have the technology to make it happen.

Gaming is such a fun activity. In fact, many of us take video gaming so seriously we can practically talk and share ideas  about gaming for days. So, you must be wondering how do you make one right? Well, here are the simplified steps.

1. Storyline:

As any gamer can tell you, a good storyline can often make a bad game average and an average game great. So, a solid and well-planned storyline must be written or drawn out before any progress can be made. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what type of game you’re making. All that matters is getting the ideas laid out into a neat and cohesive timeline.

2. Decide on the Gaming Mechanics:

Is it a platform game or a horror game? Does the hack-and-slash genre suit the storyline better than a shooting game? What you now need to do is to determine what genre your game fits into and design the gameplay accordingly. After all, it’s no use having a great story when your gameplay mechanics make your players want to throw their mobile at the wall in frustration.

3. What Programming?

HTML5, Apple or Android? Which should you choose? HTML5 or web-based apps are cost effective to develop and deploy. Apple is for R games that  have great potential. Android is better suited for  games that can be successful but aren’t using the Apple iOS system. Which to choose?  Let us consult with you and establish which platform best suits you and your game!

4. Develop it!

CGmentor Inc. specializes in games development for a variety of platforms and other requirements. We specialize in the development of customized games for web, Android, iPhone, iPad and blackberry. We develop 3D animated real world scenario games as well as 2D graphics mobile games including single/dual player mobile games and massive multiplayer online (MMO) mobile games development. All of our mobile games are designed and ported to serve a variety of mobile devices and technologies.

We provide specially designed high-end technology applications to help you increase the efficiency and competitiveness in an increasingly cost-conscious and time-sensitive global environment.


This is our niche and every thing else comes second. At CGmentor, we have one of the best iPhone and Android development teams with us. Our teams are highly experienced in all major mobile platforms including iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, PalmPre, WinMobile and Symbian. Some of the areas we work in include:


·         2D & 3D games

·         Entertainment applications

·         Enterprise dashboards on iPad & Android pads

·         Interactive books on mobile and iPad

Our mobile team provides a 360 degree solution to our customers by offering services like:

·         Application Conceptualization

·         Application Interface design and User Experience Management

·         Complete 3D and 2D Artwork Pipeline

·         Sound Engineering

·         End to End Programming for Applications and Games

·         Testing and Quality Assurance

·         Marketing


 To take a look at our detailed work or talk to our team please contact us at 

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