The sky rocketing rate of mobile usage has made it a necessity for businesses to establish their own business mobile application (app).  However, it is imperative that you know how to leverage your app for your business.  Clients want a seamless mobile experience in order to spend their valuable time browsing through your site.  A mobile user is on the go, with only a few minutes to spare so if  their mobile browsing experience is cumbersome or complicated , they will simply move on. This is why planning for and designing the app for optimal use and response is of the essence.  Once you decide to create a mobile app for your business you ought to determine whether your app will be an extension of your website or will it be standalone? Is the purpose of the app mainly  promotional or does it requires that monetary transactions be conducted as well? All these considerations are crucial when diving into the world of mobile apps. At CGmentor, we pride ourselves in providing solutions for these complicated questions. If you want to try your hand into making one; why not? It’s not that hard. Here are the steps

1. What is it?

What do you want your application to be? It can literally be anything your imagination can conjure up.  Perhaps a digital l piano application, or an educational app for customers?

2. Where do you want to sell it?

Do you prefer the Android system or Apple’s iOS? Maybe you would like to be a bit more of a cross-plat-former by using HTML 5? There’s no harm in dabbling into more than just one system. It just means that you have to make more time and resources for development. You can only gain more publicity and not lose it.

3. Storyboard & Navigation:

Once the concept is done, the next step is to create a storyboard and navigation of the app. Navigation is a crucial component of  the app. If a user is not able to find information or able to do what the app is designed to do , then all efforts will go for naught.   You need to have intuitive, easy and fast navigation so users can interact with the app in real time.

4. Graphics:

The first impression any potential buyers will have is based on screenshots and your application’s logo. So, a professional, easy to follow coupled with a clean design is extremely important if you want to make a successful application. We will help you design the theme according to your application’s functions.

5. Develop it!

CGmentor Inc. specializes in mobile application development for a variety of platforms. We specialize in mobile applications for web, Android, iPhone, iPad and blackberry.

Just remember not all applications reach into the halls of fame but the right idea with the right development can be the next angry birds!

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