A Trusted Name in News

Through his decades of experience working as a TV News Man, Lone Star Business Report Host Grant Stinchfield knows first hand how the main stream media refuses to  cover stories of business success.  It’s time Business Leaders are given a voice.  That is why Grant Stinchfield founded the Lone Star Business Report.Grant-Radio-Studio-233x300

Finally, Business Leaders get a Voice

His report is about featuring cutting edge companies and their leaders in a positive light.  People need to understand, that even in a down economy, organizations can thrive.  It’s these exceptional stories of leadership and success that Grant wants to profile.

Only the Best of the Best are Featured

Grant hand picks these organizations after putting them through a rigorous screening process.  Only the best of the best make it ON-AIR. Our listeners know that when Grant features a company or business leader on the Lone Star Business Report, that person or organization can be trusted.