Excellent communication is crucial to build a successful team. Similarly, staying connected within the internal departments is also a must-have. A robust, functional and easy-to-use Intranet solution is crucial because it can help your team share, locate and view information effectively and efficiently so they can focus on their jobs. The time and effort saved locating and transferring data within the group can pay huge dividends through increased productivity.


1. Open, multi-way communication: Top Down, Bottom Up, Peer-to-Peer

An enterprise has a host of communication channels available, but the intranet is a critical one. A great intranet must facilitate all communication routes: Top Down, Bottom Up and Peer-to-Peer. There must be a channel to allow senior leaders to communicate key organizational messages and there must be a way for employees to let their CEO know what they think!

 2. Facilitator of enterprise collaboration

How does your business collaborate? Email and shared network drives are still a default collaboration tool in many organizations but your intranet is superbly placed to assist. Through team-sites, knowledge shares, instant messaging, video tools, your intranet can be the key enabler of enterprise collaboration: great intranets are doing this now.

3. Executor of business transactions

A great intranet is a place of action and should be a part of business processes. Typically, these business transactions will include HR self-service tools (payslips, pensions, benefits, time off booking), expenses, travel booking and so on. British Airways has embraced the idea of the intranet as an executor of business transactions — a great example of what’s possible. Bringing these transactions to the intranet are tremendously valuable.

  • It brings dedicated, guaranteed traffic which, in turn, enhances your intranets communication and collaboration efficiency.
  • Employees like having all these functions in one dedicated place. It’s just easier.

4. Tool that positively impacts every job in your company

In short, does your intranet make a difference to employees? If you were to take it away tomorrow, would people notice / care / cry?

5. Gateway to business knowledge

Where is knowledge in your company? My enterprise knowledge is in my head, on paper on my desk, on my laptop, on share drives and increasingly, in team-sites. But should I leave, nearly all of this would be lost to my current company. Indeed, even whilst I’m still employed, most of my knowledge is not in a place where it can be shared, used, learnt or redeployed. Intranets are a great place to share knowledge and make this knowledge work for the organization.

A great intranet should also allow you to identify the people that have the knowledge you need. Time spent on developing skills and experiences sections as part of employee intranet profiles is rarely wasted. We should all know what we each know.

6. Digital reflection of the values of the company

Employees do not need their intranet to be liberally emblazoned with the company colors to know which company they work for, but a great intranet will be a digital reflection of the company values. It will embody the company ethos; it should feel the same as being in an office. A great intranet is in tune with the company way.

7. Transparent governance, management and strategy

It’s all well and good having this great intranet, but if no one knows the strategy, who governs and controls this space and what the rules of engagement are, then there’s still clear space for improvement. Be sure to publish the governance structure, your intranet strategy, the key personnel contact information and all the rules of intranet engagement on the intranet. Set up an ‘ideas’ section so employees can contribute to the organic growth of your intranet.

8. An engaging space

This is one is difficult to define but you know when you’ve got it!

9. Available where your employees need it

An intranet cannot just be a tool for those of your employees who have a laptop. A great intranet has a reach as broad as your employees’ day-to-day geography

10. Department solution
Every organization and every department has a process that they need to perform every single day, which is time consuming and expensive but, with the help of an intranet, we can help you automate them.

In short having an intranet is a must have these days as it is proven that it enhance productivity up to 78%.

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