Interactive Marketing Strategies

CGmentor’s marketing team is a perfect combination of innovative, interactive and trend setting Search Engine Marketing (SEM) heads. Our keyword hunters are always on historical adventures and our link builders are always busy in connecting you with the highest quality links in the market. Our Google Adwords experts are gurus, having portfolios and experience expanding over decades.
Our target oriented marketing skills hit the target audience exactly the way our clients  would have ever imagined. Our marketers love to think out of the box and to be boldly innovative in their approaches. We try our best to impart as more real interactivity with the customers and the target audiences as possible. This technique helps draw more attention and gives high attention to customer turn over.

We have excellence in the time tested search engine marketing techniques and sky-rocketing passion having decades of far-sightedness to promote our clients uniquely in the market. One such example is the use of QR codes.

Generate QR Codes at CGmentor Inc.

We generate QR codes for the websites and other products for ‘Quick Response’. These codes contain loads of data and occupy less space as compared with the regular codes. They are a boon for the regular cell phone users and tourists having only cell phones with them. We generate these QR codes for you and integrate it in almost all types of marketing materials as requested by our clients. Do you know any more smarter or quicker ways to reach your customers? We bet you don’t because our marketing team is always in search of finding the best and the latest for our valued clients!

Facebook fan page customization at CGmentor Inc.

We make your business and fan pages on Facebook, a real mirror image of the home page of your website and all of your services. This approach simply helps visitors in recognizing you on Facebook more quickly and accurately. The company logo, the color scheme and the surroundings give a sense of familiarity and ease to the face-bookers.

Facebook Application Development at CGmentor Inc.

CGmentor Inc. also helps you build and customize facebook applications for convenient maintenance and extra entertainment of the visitors. We also develop facebook applications from scratch in order to make you a trend setter in the industry. Lacking the deserved exposure to the consumers? Competitors are giving a tough time? You customers want more ways to reach you? Place your order for Search engine marketing now and let’s write a new history!

To take a look at our detailed work or talk to our team please contact us at or 1-800-891-1936

Who’s Really Scanning All Those QR Codes?