CGmentor Inc. is a digital media marketing platform and today’s businesses are really driven by the digital media ecosystem, working as an open platform structure instead of niche technology solution provider. We create success stories by developing and implementing potential digital and interactive marketing strategies and campaigns. We improve your business and website visibility. We make your website an authority resource and you stay ahead of the curve to your target market.

Highly rapid innovation as well as engaging the right consumers at the right time is the main challenge of Digital Media. Whether it is about being engaged with the audience or having a dialogue or generating revenue across all media sectors, every single company is connected to end users using at least one form of digital and social media.
We provide digital marketing solutions to help our clients compete effectively and of course increase the bottom line. We adopt digital media platforms and strategies to leverage personal and professional success to our clients in an innovative way, make new friends and earn more money by blending traditional marketing practices with the tools and technologies of today.
Your business needs a strong web presence. Facebook and twitter have potential impact on marketing. Through Active digital media engagement we help clients drive higher sales productivity and other performance gains.
Engagement of Fans
In social media like Facebook, twitter, Linked In and Google+ we believe engagement of fans is the key to success.
User Engagement & ROI:
Measuring ROI across Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and YouTube all in real-time, to be able to compete and beat competitors with user engagement is key.
Our Visibility:
We have visibility into offline media; television and across the digital ecosystem which gives us a very favorable climate to understand the benefits of each channel upon one and another.
Our various other digital media marketing services consist of:

  • 3D Animation and Advertisement
  • Google+ Local Marketing
  • Pay Per Click
  • SEO Services
  • Video Production
  • Brand Awareness
  • QR Codes
  • Interactive Marketing
  • Facebook Fan Pages and Custom Tab Applications
  • Mobile Application Development
  • PR Writing and Distribution


Our dedicated digital media and digital marketing team helps existing digital media entrepreneurs grow their businesses and aspiring business owners to build a transformational roadmap to more powerful and fruitful digital marketing, equipped with lots of creativity, account service innovation around the product and accountability.
So go ahead and contact us at “” or dial +1-800-891-1936 for all your digital marketing needs and we will sit with you to make another success story.