Finally, the anticipated iOS 7 has been launched in the market. Millions of current iPad and iPhone users have either updated their devices or are in a process of doing so. As expected, iOS 7 has brought a whole new range of innovative features waiting to be explored by the users. However, on the other hand, many iPad and iPhone users are still struggling to familiarize themselves with this advanced technology.

Along with the users, iOS 7 has many cool features that are beneficial for application developers and marketers.  If you are one of those who have yet to discover the new technology or understand it completely, we are here to help you. The following list portrays 10 really neat and useful features of the new iOS 7 that will surely enhance your experience while using this technology:


1. Enhanced security:

We all know the password protection feature for prohibiting unauthorized access to your device. However, it is equally true that passwords are vulnerable to hacking. iOS 7 gives you an option to clear all data stored in the device if someone is trying to access it without permission. If someone tries to unlock the device and types in the wrong password 10 times, the device automatically deletes the stored data. This enhanced security feature reduces the risk of identity theft and cyber crime. To activate this feature, go to settings, and select general. Here, you will see Passcode Lock, and at the bottom will be the ‘Erase Data’ option. Enable that option; so, if someone types an incorrect password 10 times, your stored data will be wiped automatically.

2. Simplified privacy settings:

These days, people are aware about their privacy and demand a simple setting that will safeguard their privacy. We all want our privacy to be safeguarded. At the same time, we have many applications that require access to the personal data stored in our phones, such as contacts and even images. iOS 7 has understood the need for simplicity. This operating system offers simplified privacy controls to the user. This system allows you to lend permission for every application to access your data.

3. Creative application development:

iOS 7 is an extremely helpful platform for application developers. This operating system gives freedom to developers to make their applications more interactive, productive and creative. If you want to create an application that utilizes all potential of iOS 7, contact companies that create excellent iPad apps Toronto. The application development process has been given importance in iOS 7. Therefore, you need to hire a renowned company like CGmentor for developing iPhone apps Toronto or iPhone apps Canada.

4. High performing applications:

iOS 7 helps developers create powerful and fast iPad and iPhone apps. This operating system enables developers to come up with high performing applications that will enhance the user’s experience. When it comes to iPad and iPhone apps in Toronto, Canada, CGmentor has an excellent team of developers who build high-end applications.

5.  Time stamps for messages:

In iOS 7, you get to know the exact time of every text message sent and received. Before, a user used to get a general time frame indicating the time when conversation started. However, with this advanced operating system, every sent and received message will come with a time stamp. By simply swiping the message bubbles at the left side, you will get to see the time stamp of every message.

6. Customizable vibration:

Want to know who is calling or messaging you just through the vibration rhyme? iOS 7 offers a unique feature to customize vibration pattern. You can set a custom vibration for individual contacts. This lets you know who is calling you, without even looking at the screen.

7. Blocking unwanted calls and texts:

Do you get annoyed when some names flash on your mobile screen? Don’t want to receive messages from your drunken friend at 3 am? Want to get rid of those telemarketing calls? iOS 7 has a solution for such annoyances. This operating system lets you block unwanted people from calling or texting.

8. Rebuilding apps:

iOS 7 provides an opportunity for marketers to bring in innovative and redesigned applications. It is a platform to market your company more forcefully and offer an exciting experience to your users. Developers of iPhone apps Canada, iPad apps Toronto, and iPhone apps Toronto will  benefit by this improvement in the operating system. It is a brand new platform to strengthen the bonds with app users by utilizing different tools.

9. Silent notifications:

The “do not disturb” feature had its own limitations in iOS 6. Notifications such as incoming calls or messages were silenced only when the phone was in locked mode. However, the notifications used to disturb the user while the phone was not locked. It was irritating to receive notifications while watching videos or playing games. In iOS 7, you can silence all notifications even if your phone is not locked.

10. Future of app development:

iOS 7 is the future of application developments. Marketers need to utilize the new functionality offered by the operating system that has changed the entire approach of app building. The new design of app store presents an opportunity to position and market the apps and company strongly. If you want to build iOS 7 compatible iPhone and iPad apps in Toronto, appoint well-known app developers like CGmentor.