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Gone are the days, where professionals relied heavily on the 2D graphs and images. Initially, we only had the 2D graphing tools at hand, and people used paper-pencil model for developing designs and graphs. With the rise of technology, professionals started using the computer based 2D modeling tools. These tools were versatile and did not require excessive resources. By learning to use modeling software, one can efficiently design a 2D model and have it printed on the paper for reference. 2D modeling has been able to leave its mark on several fields, which include constructions, automobiles, mechanical, and medicine field.

Today, several technologies are available for graphing things in the 2D format. However, one cannot easily visualize an idea, or understand a model using the 2D graphing methods. To get the idea of a physical object, one needs organize the 2D charts of the several views of the object and then visualize the model in the mind. Even the 3D rendering tools gave the isometric view of the models in the 2D plane. For instance, the MRI images that give the picture of the brain are available only in 2D. One cannot understand or visualize the complexities in the body by using plain MRI images. To overcome the shortcomings of the 2D model, the 3D modeling technology has been launched.


Like 2D modeling, 3D modeling is demanded in every field. From the physical world of designs to the online world of digital models, 3D modeling is used everywhere. Recent advancements in the world of 3D animation have quickly taken over the arena of 2D animation. When it comes to the use 3D Animation in Canada, no one understands this type of animation better than CGmentor Inc. 3D animations deals with the creation of motion pictures that are projected in such a way that they are able to give the effect of real life objects. However, not all 3D technologies can deliver the realism that is presented by CGmentor Inc.  CGmentor is famous for providing photo realistic 3D Animation in Canada. Many companies provide 3D animations but their creations are limited to a few styles. CGmentor boasts a wide array of 3D animation styles and techniques that set them apart from the competition.


CGmentor is not only a 3D animation company, it is provides several services in the 3D domain, which include 3D Modeling, Web Media, Marketing Media and mobile media. The company is renowned for providing the best 3D Models and astute 3D rendering services to many. CGmentor is one of the prominent names when it comes to 3D Rendering service in Toronto.

The 3D animations provided by this company are not just plain animations but rather, carry a striking concept blended together with creativity and technical expertise. All the animations are not mere abstract concepts but they captivate the hidden reasoning of logic and essence of creativity. The 3D characters in the animation depict the finely articulated movement of the characters. It may be a fine talk between the characters, or an action sequence, every movement is precisely tracked and depicted meticulously on the characters.

The 3D Modeling services provided by the company have helped several professionals from the Architectural Industry, Video Games and Films, Medical Sector, Product and Service Development, Vehicle Modeling, Character Modeling, Industrial Modeling, Creative and conceptual designing and many other industries. It is not just Hollywood that capitalizes on 3D modelings; engineering, media and medical streams are also big consumers of this kind of modeling. All the models provided by the company are in tandem with the latest designing trends and have been known to harness the true power of imagination.

For the established artists, who want to showcase their creations to the entire world, CGmentor is well known to provide services of 3D Rendering in Toronto. 3D rendering has given rise to the whole new concept of the virtual world that blurs the line between virtual and real. 3D renderings have emerged to become an innovative way to present an idea, or a concept, without having to employ costly physical resources. The expert 3D rendering artists at CGmentor assist companies in creating 3D architectures, animations, models and walkthroughs that distinctly exhibit their ideas. The company has built a legacy of delivering a full range of 3D interior and exterior architectural designs, fly through and floor plans. Their artists are always seeking out new ways of delivering photo realistic depictions in the unreal 3D world.

CGmentor is considered to be one of the best 3D modeling service provider because they have developed a highly advanced and dedicated client portal that manages the entire process. Their artists post all the updates on the client’s wall, where clients can check the work and suggest updates accordingly. This improves the interaction between customers and clients and the company is able to develop perfect products that match the client’s expectations. The project cost can be monitored easily with options for timely additions through the portal. With all the exclusive offerings and dedicated customer support, CGmentor has gained notoriety as one of the best 3D service providers in North America.

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3D Character Modeling: Turn Your Business Ideas into eye popping virtual representations.

With the online business gaining prominence in the marketing sector, companies are leaving no stone unturned in employing unique strategies in order to generate online profits. The cat’s out of the bag,  tapping into the limitless scope of internet marketing solutions is the most creative and wide reaching option when it comes to promoting a business. As a medium for providing entertainment, information and communication, blogs, websites, social networking sites and banner advertisements are all proving to be powerful marketing tools in attracting the target audience.  A relative new comer in this sphere is 3D modeling.  More and more companies are employing visually appealing 3D character modeling services to hit the point home.

Companies are realizing that business ideas and concepts can be graphically simplified when given a three-dimensional animated touch. These 3D graphical illustrations are a remarkable way to convey the message to prospective buyers. 3D models are an excellent way to showcase a product or vision to higher management.  Not only do 3D models enhance the visibility of a presentation.  3D modeling significantly helps in speeding up a product’s development’s process. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that speedy completion of a product design cycle is essential to hitting the market before the competition does.


With a 3D demonstration, you can enlighten your potential customers with the usability of your product or service. Animations allow for an easier customer awareness and visibility of any product or service with online tutorials. It’s important to make your company’s website and blog stand out from the clutter. Through 3D presentations, you can make your blogs memorable and visually appealing.

A business can effectively convey its promotional message through their social networking site by decorating the page with exciting graphics and multimedia content. An entirely new segment of potential customers can get attracted towards your product or service effortlessly. With the advancement of 3D modeling and printing, affordable prototypes of your ideas can be brought to reality. The highly customizable feature of 3D animations and objects has revolutionized the way a business interacts with its customers.

Paper presentations and paper plans have become an outdated way to present a business design. Instead, the use of 3D modeling is fast becoming the choice of the future.  Today a vast array of industries have made 3D modeling a permanent fixture of their product and service marketing strategy. From architectural to automotive fields, companies are resorting to 3D character modeling to turn their business ideas into highly impactful virtual representations.

CGmentor always looks for cutting edge ways to create an interactive persona of your business by utilizing 3D technology. We create comprehensive 3D models by advanced versions of animation and software tools. We have achieved mastery of different genres of 3D modeling. Our 3D designers are true  pioneers in shaping new ways in which to portray your ideas into high-resolution and geometrically symmetrical models.

Whether it’s a simple design or complex, we strive to animate all of them with sheer perfection. Our 3D animation teams in Toronto endeavor to master the art  of transforming 2D images in a 3D plane. Any animate or inanimate object can transform your vision by rendering photorealistic effects by our specialized software. By fully understanding each detail of your project and by applying our knowledge, CGmentor endeavors to create 3D magic that amazes your clients.

Our 3D modeling services specialize in designing innovative 3D character models for our valued clients. Our team is backed by many years of experience and we believe in exceeding our client’s expectations. We create 3d animations based on logical themes. Our animators live by our motto, “Imagination is power” and we strive to bring out the best for our clients.

An intelligently laid out content with eye catching visuals play a significant role in making an impactful website. Our 3D modeling servicesdesign 3D mascots, store mannequins window displays and much more.  At CGmentor, we believe in blending the science of technology and the art of creativity to create visual magic.

Our 3D animationservices in Toronto aim to deliver superior quality output in order to satisfy meet the demands of our. We believe, if you can imagine it, we can 3D it! Take a look at our detailed work at For further details and queries, please call us on 1-800-891-1936 or email us at

3D Rendering Our Process

Our 3D renderings aim to bring your imaginations to reality. We create superb 3D architectural renderings, Walk-through animations, Product/Object renderings, interior/exterior designs, 3D Fly-throughs and 3D Floor plans. Over the years we have develop a successful process flow which always deliver detailed result, on time and within budget.

3D Modeling
This is the first stage where based on input provided by clients we develop 3D model / object.

Manager office_Wireframe

3D Wire-Frame Scene
This is the second stage where clients can get some idea of final output, at this stage we have added all the models and objects that was required and placed a camera at elegant view angle. Output at this stage is some thing like this

Manager office Textureand lighting
The Gray Scale Preview
Second step is gray scale 3D models so client can see detail of each model without colors. This help to understand 3D scene – the structure of the room or building, the position of windows, doors, size , depth etc. Output at this stage is some thing like this

Manager office grayscale with wires

The Final View

Now materials, textures, floor coverings, fabrics, artworks, paint finishes, etc applied . Now any change in scene will takes quite a bit of time, as the computer has to calculate each and every object, reflections, shadows  and its lighting.

Manager office



Novel use of 3D modeling in the medical field

Initially, the only digital media tools we had available to us were 2D graphics and imaging technologies. The 2D technologies were favorable for graphing out a single view of a particular object, 2D Modeling was used in several fields ranging from construction, automobile, mechanical and medical field. However, it did not offer the most optimal medium to visualize the scenario. One needed to combine several charts to infer the 3D model in their mind. For instance, even a simple MRI scan of the brain would generate several 2D images, which needed to be organized for visualizing the 3D model. All such trepidations have been eliminated by the launch of 3D Modeling technology.

There are several companies in the market that are known to provide 3D Modeling Services to several sectors. One of the most challenging sector is the medical field. It is complex and comprises of several ways in which medical illustrations and interpretation of complex medical concepts can be projected through 3D Modeling. This is where the traditional use of the 2D modeling approach falls way short in visualizing the complex experiences and scenarios in the medical field. 3D Modeling Services help in developing models of the objects as well as scenarios.  One of the areas where this is utilized often is in improving training programs in the medical industry. These 3D Models help in teaching medical models to students in a much more illustrative manner. Students gain a better understanding of the human body and its anatomy by the use of 3D Models.

3D Modeling is routinely used to develop 3D medical illustration technology which helps people create visual presentations and dissemination of scientific, medical and biological knowledge. These 3D Models give a better understanding of the anatomical cross sections and thus help in increasing the understanding of the medical students. 3D Modeling Services are used to publish scientific and biological models in several surgery publications that help in improving the impact and knowledge transfer of the research publications. 3D Modeling Services are not just restricted to academic levels; it can also be used in the live fields of surgery and other medical applications. As such 3D Models help in unraveling the anatomy of an individual in a better way, one is able to use this kind of modeling for performing delicate surgeries, which would otherwise require analyses of several 2D charts.

3D Modeling advancements have given rise to the concept of 3D printing as well. 3D printing can be best used to create several medical models that can be of great help in surgical settings. For instance, a doctor receives a case requiring the removal of a rare tumor deeply rooted in the brain. Usually, by using 2D modeling, there are higher chances of hitting an artery or nerve and causing additional damage. Thanks to advancements in such technology, doctors can now generate 3D Models of the brain using the 3D Modeling options. Once the 3D Model of the tumor is prepared, doctors can perform a mock surgery on the model first before attempting the procedure in real life.


3D Modeling is also gaining popularity in the field of facial reconstruction. While the typical charting methods do not help in proper visualization of the resultant face, 3D Models readily help to create a new face for the patient. Based on these 3D Models, surgeons can prepare skin masks and carry out facial reconstruction in a fast and efficient manner. Using this technology, medical professionals are also able to visualize the exact prosthetic models and then develop them for the patients. Thus, 3D Modeling increases the precision of the surgery and the developed prosthetic organs.

In cases of tissue and organ implants, 3D Modeling Services play a vital role in grafting the exact tissue and implanting it with precision. Thus, the services offered by a 3D Modeling company can greatly increase the effectiveness in the medical field.

Top 7 Benefits of 3D Animation Services for Business Product Design

Computer animation in advertising and marketing is a class by itself, as a communication medium. While it bonds some features of other graphic means such as video, it has exclusive qualities that no other advertising medium can equal.  3D Animations are an immensely popular communication medium utilized to increase awareness and boost the reputation of different types of businesses around the globe.

3D Animation Services comprise of various feature like such as; 3D Media, Web Media, Marketing Media, Mobile Media and Outsourcing Media. For instance, 3D character modeling animations display actual movement of lips and physical body to deliver great entertainment to the viewers.

3D animation companies are not only concentrating on attracting viewers to the particular product or service being highlighted,  they are also mindful of showcasing the client’s overall standard and vision. The 3D animation services are an amazing way glamorize not only the specific project or service but also the organization as a whole.

Free HD Wallpapers

The Top 7 3D Animation Services for Business Product Design are as follows:

• Quick Visual Summary

Perhaps no other communication medium can match the power of 3D animations when it comes to delivering a highly impactful and concise visual portrayal of a product, service or organization.  Even the most multifaceted themes can be superbly summed up in a 3D animated clip. It can be considered the visual example of a “sound bite”. Hence, this type of 3D animation has become a highly desirable communication medium for showcasing key points.

• Dynamic, time based medium

Like audio and video, animation connects over a time line. It is a lively intermediate that utilizes motion to express a story, or make an influence in some way. 3D animations have become much more desirable than print mediums for portraying the gradual movement of any merchandise or system over time.

• Easily grab attention

A surprising or rare sequence, an unexpected move, the glisten of computer created superior effects; all of these animation methods grab responsiveness and attention of the audience immediately. In many cases this is the number one precondition in order to grab the attention of your marketplace. Remember the typical publicity formula? A.I.D.A. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.


• Show what cannot be photographed

This is really where the 3D animation medium has no parallel. There are no bounds to what can be exposed with computer animation. Hollywood blockbusters are an indisputable example of this. 3D animation can hover over the solid steel of a locomotive and into the tubes and pistons of the engine.  The extreme zoom capabilities to portray outer space down to a nuclear center in 3 seconds is an amazing capability of this medium.

• Show what has not been built yet

Huge engineering and architectural plans are rendered long before construction begins. Computer animation methods such as “ray tracing” and “radiosity” subsidize photographic practicality to walkthrough illustrations. The spectators are made to feel like they are looking at a movie of the real thing. With HD TV technology and gigantic flat panel displays, 3D animation can make the spectator feel like they are actually inside the space.  3D animations are an invaluable illustrative tool for every industry to foresee the look and feel of future products, services or items.

• Position a company as technologically sophisticated

3D animations can take a usual, ordinary product and infuse an intense “high – tech” appearance and sense into it. A Gillette razor can be transformed into an ultra sleek jet plane with the magic of 3D animation. From cutting-edge graphic designs to movie-like special effects, the possibilities are limitless.  Expensive and cumbersome lighting and camera requirements used in traditional media techniques are also circumvented here to save time and money. No other medium raises a product’s  in quite the mode animation can.

• Emphasize Style and Glamour

The make-up and auto industry are examples of two of the most skilled practitioners of advertising with computer animation. They use it to generate a feel of mystery and enthusiasm, or allure and chic. In the TV advertising of automobiles, 3D computer replicas take the place of genuine cars more often than the public knows. Together with glossy video editing and shooting, 3D animation can be utilized to improve the advent of any merchandise.

3D services aid in creatively designing 3D commercials, animated movies, medical illustrations and architectural visualizations. With 3D product modeling, we can create animations that look “real”.  These are useful for businesses like real estate, interior design, industrial, building designs, interior construction and decoration to name a few.

The accurate use of 3D modeling can give a significant boost to a company’s image and generate an impact on its audience. There are numerous websites already using the concept of 3D modeling and are undoubtedly among those with a lot of recognition and widespread appeal.

These 3D animation companies have established a firm foothold in the communication industry as they have the potential to seize the attention of audiences with their uncanny animations. 3D animation in Canada includes Pixar animation studio. Pixar is the creator of animation masterpieces like Toy Story, Cars, Wall-E and more. The main focus of Pixar Canada is to produce animated movies and television specials, featuring characters from Pixar’s hugely popular films.

In comparison to Pixar studios, all other 3D animation companies in Canada are a distant second. The animation studio “Prime Focus” in Vancouver is one of those trying to catch up to Pixar.  It focuses in delivering creative and useful services for animated films, commercials, gaming, internet and media industries.

3D animations with modeling are significant for all organizations in today’s competitive communication landscape. Hence, it is clear for all business developers to contemplate utilizing 3D animations in order to effectively promote their organization.

How Quality 3D Modeling is More Effective for Product Development

It can be very difficult to bring out new patrons into a commercial business, or even to keep old ones, given the diversity and extent of race on today’s marketplace. However, there are few tricks that can aid to get new customers in your business. Making sure that a business makes best utilization of outstanding graphic design, 3D modeling and animation, and upholds a well-made; easy to steer online occurrence can be really supportive. 3D modeling can perform more than you might contemplate.

Many 3D Modeling Services discover that the finest method to exhibit merchandises is not an outdated two dimensional design or even a photo anymore. It is 3D modeling and animation, which can provide an enhanced grip of how merchandises function and what they do, what they appear like, and why they are prepared the technique they are. An even drawing with no motion cannot really help your business to promote online, and it is significant to be capable to get patrons involved right away in your business.

3D Modeling - Product Development

It is significant for experts or a 3d animation company in the design field to develop 3D modeling and animatronics services if they are going to meet the demand. The skill to provide this kind of service can aid customers to make larger alterations in their current publicity techniques, engaging active online presence, and other operations. Patrons are expected to inquire for this type of involvement as they discover what it can do.

The prospects are huge which are created in symbols and are made in 3D modeling programs, popular more than flat ones, online catalogues with 3D images deliver a firm and clear look at all accessible, and engineering models are stronger and easier to comprehend when they make use of this technology. Even text in 3D can be utilized to incorporate a little bit of gift to a website or other promotion.

It is significant to utilize the correct tool for the work. Not all 3D modeling and animation software is formed equally. Some are more particular while some are better suitable for animation. Whether you utilize a CAD set, or a simpler modeling package, it will depend on the use and the end product.

Every manufacturing business or industry can get profit from having work done in 3D. 3D architectural rendering are easier to create when 3D modeling is used, and much tranquil to transport than of age handmade models. Garment producers can display possible patrons what the garment really looks like from all viewpoints, making 3D animation much more operative as compared to the outdated motionless snaps. Interchanging even images with 3D ones is significant in closely all situations.

In addition to serving with advertising, 3D Modeling Services and animation are too very supportive when it comes to taking merchandise from the notion to the finished product. Apparently, hard cybernetic models of merchandises can be prepared, by relating the

unique thought piece with the finished outcome. It turns out to be easier to clarify notions, to create practical guides, and to show off how a product really works.

No matter if you fit with a company that is involved in taking benefit of what novel technology has to provide, or you are a designer who wants to be certain that you can encounter, your clients’ requests, 3D modeling and animation are very significant in this case. The accurate use of 3D modeling can make big variations in a company’s determinations and entice lots of patrons.

The triumph of 3D animation has offered a wealth of chances for businesses. Apart from the conservative utilization of 3D animation design in advertisements and movies, businesses are utilizing it for creating symbols and supporting their websites with animation plans.

Businesses have accepted the significance of 3D animation, and are using this invention to support and maintain their business websites. They are using many websites to enthral visuals, and entice visitors on your website to increase the productivity of your business. The only resolution of these animations is to attract patrons on the website.

3D modeling created by expert animators is sure to get noted on the website. Best 3D animation makes a separate individuality of the business in the patrons mind. There are numerous innovations that can be passed out to catch the attention of the visitors. There are numerous benefits of using 3D animation on your website.

Quality 3D animation holds a key place in websites. It is a valuable instrument to integrate into the web videos. Investigation and surveys have verified time where websites experience a much higher sum of repeat visitors.

Due to the rising popularity and significance of 3D modeling services, numerous expert firms have commenced their business in animation services. They have proficient designers and 3D animation creators who are proficient of providing the finest 3D modeling design. Regardless of the project dimension, they have the grip of this technology and can make extraordinary design that surpasses your client’s requirement.

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