Using social media as your next credit score

Take a quick look around you, what exactly do you see? No, I am not the beautiful girl across the road! But seriously take a look at what social media has created and achieved. Ever stopped to wonder the amount of data that is shared all over the world and the billions of information at our finger tips? Records point to show that over 400 million tweets are shared, a little over 980 million contents are posted on Facebook alone (so many organizations placing their brands up for advertisement), and well over 40 million photos are also posted on Instagram all in one day! There exist a majority of people who take it upon themselves to believe that publicly placing one’s information exposes one to numerous dangers. The truth is, this can also be a way to fight it. C’mon think about it!


Many companies now understand the importance of social media and using it to measure risk while saving billions of dollars worldwide. It is no more front page news that fraudsters attempt and steal billions of dollars online each passing year. Fraudsters are well aware of the fact that to be “successful”, one has to limit the number of information they place online. The truth of the matter is that all companies are prone to online fraud, but small businesses seem to have it worst because they are more willing to share info about themselves than big, established companies does.


You can’t fake it!

If you have noticed, most social media forums require users to share more information about their person. Unarguably, one can create an account or profile pretty quickly, but as time goes on the social media would require you to share little bits of information. Having a successful and lively timeline or followers on twitter for example, would take months, if not years to build. Are you still in doubt?


Know your client

Any business company that puts their brand up on any social media would definitely have a review from a satisfied (or dissatisfied) customer. Somebody somewhere would have to comment on their profile or “like” their brand on facebook, for example. This can easily give you a clue as to whether the client you are dealing with is trustworthy or not. Going along to create such comments and reviews by themselves is tasking and time consuming for any fraudster. It you own an online payment business, social media would allow you the opportunity of opening an account without sharing unnecessary info about your money accounts. In a matter of minutes, one can review new client information and determine how legit they are. The process is relatively cheaper and faster to use than the conventional credit check run.

Few website requirements and its purposes for business

A proper and professional looking website is requirement for every kind of small and large business and there are many factors which should be take care while developing a website to show corporate identity.

A corporate website should be responsive and attractive. And this is very important to take care of all important aspects which affect on business.


A successful website should have all the aspects of usability and a good website which provides good user experience that has great chances in generating leads/sales.


Keep in mind your audience while making a plan of your website and website user experience should according to the level of targeted audience.


Result driven mobile website designs and content strategy

As we have discussed that mobile devices are getting popularity than computers and businesses are observing that they are receiving most of their traffic through mobile devices. So now web masters should think about to create better content strategy. The main focus for web designers should be to create result driven mobile web pages and content which should be attractive and conversion oriented.


Trends of Local Searches through Mobiles

These are the trends of mobile usage and people are buying smart devices for web surfing and placing calls. Now people are using there phone to search their required query. With this trend now people are also advertising which appear while searching and browsing the internet.



It is being predicted that in 2015 that these mobile searches trends and specially local searches trends would be very high and trends of desktop searches would be very low.

According to research users of smartphones will be 75% in year of 2016. And local search searches trends are also increasing but these local searches trends through mobile/smart phone have chances of growing to 44%.

Understand your audience to engage by the best use of Social Media

In this modern social media age roles of company’ employees have been change to some extent. Now marketing department and its CMO will required to create an online strategy to engage target audience with brand through social media. Now in all online channels, social media is a primary channel to achieve customers’ engagement.


If CMOs and marketing department does not create strategy and move on to social media then it’s possible that their team and company will fail to make progress and achieving customers’ engagement. Now by the popularity of social media, people discuss about brands and observe, so by these discussions brands can get more popularity and their sale can increase but if this discussion is about brands bad performance and bad services then it could be very bad for brand.

Improve Social Media Engagement with the Strategy of Using Creative Images

Creative strategy in social media plays really an important role to engage the target audience with social pages. Art director and social media manager can play a vital role to prove this task and branding a product/services through attractive social media strategy and planning. So if you want to make an ideal social media presence which can provide you sales that you should necessarily take care of visual strategy in social media.

According a research if we use images in our social media conversation and write our message, then we can achieve audience engagement 53% more, which cab helps to get maximum benefits through social media campaign.

You should use nice and attractive images with titles and captions which can attract your audience and send required message to the visitors of your social media page.


Usually on social media portals people connect with each other and with an organization with their interest and interact with them according their trends. So to engage target audience its requirement that you should use suitable and unique images about you or your business that should attract visitors and introduce about targeted product/service.

Always use a proper and easily visible call to action on your social media page which can help visitors to contact you easily.



How SEO Branding can help in Improving Business

Companies can plan to get listed in NASDAQ and NYSE stoke by SEO branding because it helps in gaining trust and recognition in the market.

Business get high rankings through SEO branding and they also write attractive meta tags and title tag to grab the attention of investors to their businesss.


Through SEO branding result oriented keywords could be choosen and on the base of those keywords a quality landing page could be designed which can help in getting more business.

Whoever visit your website through search engines, everybody think that those are quality websites providing better services which are on high rankings. Before buying anything online, consumers make analysis of the product, also spend time to read the matter of your web page and after complete satisfaction they decide to buy anything.

How e-business is changing lives

E-Business is really an amazing way to earn money and increase business. Syazrina Ismail is one of those people who started their e-business, made a company and started earning money. And this was happened because of her child who was a colicky baby during his first few months.


“He would sleep on his tummy,” Syazrina Ismail says. “Gassy boy. The only way to get him to sleep longer was to carry him upright.”

Syazrina Ismail baught a baby sling online. She was in Malaysia. Afte buying this baby sling online she thsought that other people will also need this sling, so she made 10 slings and sold all those slings in four days and she proved thhat her thoughts were correct. So after doing this thing she planned to start this business.

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