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Advertisement Channels and Marketing Mix

By the moving of time and continuing innovation in technology, TV advertising trends also are evolving and allow advertisers to run their ads at cost effective investment and result driven pattern. But by this evolution in advertisement and also by emerging of social media, marketers are also trying to innovate their marketing strategies and innovate a result driven marketing mix model.


Now integration of marketing and advertisement models and trends is taking place and advertisers are integrating print advertisement, TV commercials advertisements and radio advertisement with digital media marketing strategies and trying to identifying result driven marketing mix is getting companies/brands have trends .

And to measure success factors through all these marketing mix strategies marketers are trying to discover ways to analyse results through these marketing channels and to make a better strategy which will be effective in in receiving high return on investment.

Social Media and need to learn about online advertisement

As social media is getting popularity day by day and many social media channels are introduced, most marketers are developing strategies which can incorporate traditional marketing trends and social media marketing methods. To adopt social media platform for marketing purpose is really necessary for marketers to promote, popular and advertise their product. Now with the advent of social media competition is really very big. So every marketer need to improve level of competency.


To make social media campaigns successful now team work or coordination is required and CMO, CTO and CFO need to coordinate and analyse matrices and then need to develop a strong digital strategy.

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How to interact and influence through Social Media

By the evolving of our communication channels and their impact on daily life, digital or social media channels are very important to influence your audience and keep them update with the best engaging and conversational content. And this is possible by developing a best social media marketing strategy.


List down the social media channels you are already using. This will be helpful for you to develop a best and successful social media strategy.

Make a detailed list of every kind of information you use to publish on social media.

Rank your activities that how often you publish message on social media and also according to their type and result. Like give your most frequent conversation or message a Rank-1 and also define channel where you publish or use more often and likewise. And also rank your messages according to formality.

Now you need to rank social media channel according to fans/followers or subscribers.

Rank out your content that which content is best suited for which social media channel, if you find duplicate figure than try to go in details to figure and try that this figure should not increase more than 2 or 3 duplicate figures.

After these sorting steps you need to make a conclusion that which type conversation is effective for which channel.

Do research and be updated that on which channel the audience want to listen what kind of information so work accordingly.

On the base of these figures and conclusions you can have best idea that which type of conversation and activity should be on priority and can help in achieving best ROI. So you can make a better and result driven strategy.

Now we come to a final step. To make all these sorted data in an effective form you should create a visual form of these steps. You can think again about your data effectiveness and especially your sorting of messages and social channels effectiveness.

By the above conversation you can make a result driven strategy that can influence your brand and business positively. You better know that best strategy always create a success story and satisfying results.

Data Tracking and Marketing Insights

As timing passing, our industries are evolving. Similarly now trends of tracking digital data and their availability have also evolved. New models of marketing mix are introducing and also the advanced methods to know insights are also creating. All these things help marketers to know and get awareness of consumers’ interests and trends.

Now programmers have developed many tracking programs which save consumer’s details and these are Pixel & cookie tracking programs e.g., Atlas and DoubleClick etc. Cokies are a piece of code which saves the consumer’s activity like which product was selected by a website visitor and how much he/she spent on any specific page. Whereas through Pixel tracking we can get IP of the website visitor and also visiting time & date.

We can integrate this data into company’s marketing mix model and can know about the complete scenario of building marketing strategy and also we can get insights that how market is performing.

Mobile & Tablet eCommerce Trends 2012 – 2017

A Forester Research an independent technology and market research company presents reports that now mobile and tablets sale is increasing and this trend is influencing on eCommerce sales. As tablets and mobile selling market is very hot so likewise sales through mobile commerce is growing and in coming years this trend will increase. So on the basis of present mobile & tablets trends Forrester’s forcasts that  eCommerce sales will reach to $370 billion in 2017.

And in western Europe 10.5% & compound annual growth rate By 2017 from eCommerce will be driven which is 247.1 billion dollar amounts. And sales through eCommerce in Western Europe would be 165.5 billion  dollars which is 14.3% growth.

Computer 3D Animations looks like real human characters

Walt Disney once said, “Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive.”

By this quote we understand that Walt Disney had amazing imaginations for Animation. That animations have power to express the thoughts and also appeal and attract minds towards necessary goal.

Avatar 3D Movie

While speaking this, Walt would not have thought of such idea that how these animations can work and will become the part of entertainment and advertisement industry globally.

3D Animation movies and even 3D characters are very attractive for kids and have become a source of entertainment and attraction. And 3d movies are also become a cause of being cinemas’ house full by adult audience. Many movies are memorable like Shrek and Avatar, etc..

3D Artist can bring attraction and fantasy world in 3D movies and can make 3d films memorable on the basis of producer and story writer theme by rendering quality production, accurate 3d images and beautiful scenes. The quality production of 3d movies really increase their popularity and demand, so people demand for more 3d movies.

While talking with “Entertainment Weekly” Cameron Said: “If we had put the same energy into creating a human as we put into creating the Na’vi, it would have been 100% indistinguishable from reality,”. “The question is, why the hell would you do that? Why not just photograph the actor? Well, let’s say Clint Eastwood really wanted to do one last Dirty Harry movie looking the way he did in 1975. He could absolutely do it now. And that would be cool.”

Cameron  tried to make this clear that computer 3d characters and animations cannot replace human characters from movies but we can make their roles more attractive and movies could be more interesting.

Importance of digital media in charities

Now digital media is as become an increasing trend to be used by charity institutions in an effective & efficient way. If you have a talk with charity magnets & digital media managers, you may visualize that there much more struggle is being made for effective change for securing business for digital age. Digital literacy could play a pivotal role for launching or popularization charities campaigns and creating awareness amongst masses.

According to a survey carried by “Guardian” from the top 100 charities, it was concluded that: By income, showed a picture of patchy senior management engagement with digital – over 75% had a digital strategy, and yet 35% said this was not monitored by senior management. When we talked to charity chief executives, some acknowledged that digital was rarely, if ever, discussed at senior management meetings. And yet, none of the chief executives we spoke to were in any doubt about the impact of digital on their organisation, nor the size of the opportunity.

So to produce a digital culture and collaboration in charity organizations; their heads should increase the know how & awareness of digital media in their organizations and to implement this crucial factor they should inculcate the habit of organising seminars, chalk out different programs and arrange to have conversational talk through digital media.

For long term investment it is essential to invest in digital media engagement. By making the charity leader literate by raising the standard of digital literacy programs.

Organizations should create result driven digital strategies that will improve the ways and means of raising charity campaigns.

Few considerable factors while Starting up an eCommerce Business

ECommerce business is really good and can also be preferable for those people who want to take a startup in the business field, because eCommerce business  is quite easy to start. There are many factors, for which you should take care while starting an eCommerce business. But first thing for all startups is required to be considered is;  if you are a Toronto based then choose a Toronto eCommerce web design and development services and if you belong to any other city or country then you need to search for nearest eCommerce web designer and developer, but on the other way you can hire such services with the help of your friends or you can find a web services provider through any freelance website.

Good Business Start-up with ECommerce

Good Business Start-up with ECommerce


Now we move to other factors for eCommerce business startups:

A-     First of all you need to decide the product which you will sell through your eCommerce website.

B-      The next thing is; when you have decided a specific product to sell online, you should have a detailed knowledge about that product like; its features, its competitors prices, durability, scope, trends etc.

C-      Now the next phase is product arrangement, I mean how you you will get the product to sell. So here you have 3 options:

  1.  You can manufacture your products yourself (by hiring a technical person or you yourself can manufacturer or develop with your co-workers etc.).
  2. You can buy products through any manufacturer and sell those products by adding your profit amount.
  3. You can sell more than 1 products.
  4. You can sell many products and every product of the same category could be from different brands. Like you can sell shoes of 2 or many of the other brands through the same platform.

So through above mentioned points you can imagine that you can start your eCommerce business easily.

Toronto Canada Ecommerce Web Design Development

Ecommerce Web Design and Development Solutions

But there are many other factors which are considerable like:

  1. Delivery method
  2. Pricing factors
  3. Item Delivery time
  4. Item security while delivery
  5. Payment method

So these are some factors which you need to keep in mind while starting up a new eCommerce business. There are many other factors which you can face while starting up an eCommerce business and few you can face during the development and design phase of your website. But don’t worry you can manage all the things with the experience and surveys.

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