An Introduction of Creative 3D Animation Services by CGmentor Inc.

A 100 frames waving welcome to the CGmentor 3d animations in Toronto Canada services! We provide 3d animation services to our dynamic clients of Toronto, Canada. Our animating mentors are the life blood of our 3d animation Toronto campaigns! Our animatolio (portfolio) is the mind-moving proof of our 3d animation Canada expertise! Is your online presence lacking the charm of motions? Let us infuse life in your website headers! Let our mentors trigger storms of appreciation in your visitor’s mind! Let our graphics depict you creatively and let our animations speak for you!
Just drop your eyes a few frames in order to bless them with the must haves of our animations:

  • Well defined and frame rich movements
  • Reality remitting images
  • Sharp 3D rotating angles
  • The real human movements, light in frames and rich in precision
  • Out of the box motion concepts for scene transitions and video editing

and above all, the deep, Layer-logical themes!
We animate the following for you:

  • Real estate map and model graphics and videos

  • Interior design videos
  • Industrial Elaboration Videos
  • 3D Building Design Videos
  • Interior Construction/decoration Videos
  • Promotional You tube or Flicker Videos
  • Web Introductory videos
  • Presentation Videos
  • Commercial Advertisement videos
  • Banner Ad videos
  • Web header videos

Do you want to see your clothes requesting the precautionary measures to the buyers themselves? Do you want to bestow your perfumes the blushing cheeks they promise?
Place your order now at CGmentors! Let’s animate your visions and build a whole new animated you!

Retailers revamp with a high-tech makeover

Say hello to Anna, a virtual greeter who offers a glimpse into the future of retailing.
Anna is a 5-foot 8-inch (in heels) life-like digital image projected in a glass tower at the heart of the Bay’s flagship downtown Toronto store, welcoming passersby and explaining its new interactive display of high-end gifts.The department store’s test of the svelte virtual employee, whose talking is prompted by sensors in the ceiling when people approach her, is among an array of high-tech initiatives that retailers are starting to embrace to help cut costs and pump up business.


As merchants compete against deep-pocketed global titans, they’re being forced to look for digital and automated alternatives to buttress operations. Retailers such as clothier Gap Inc. and office supplies specialist Staples are already staffing their warehouses with thousands of robots, while a growing number of chains are moving their customers through self-checkouts using just a fraction of the labour that they otherwise would. Some foreign chains, such as Stop & Shop, even hand shoppers scanners to do the work themselves in the aisles before they bag their groceries at the checkout.

Not all the techno-tests have sailed through flawlessly – some grocers have dropped self-checkouts because of errors and customer disinterest, while digital efforts themselves can require big investments. But retailers such as the Bay are hunting for even more ways to make the shopping spree entertaining, create a buzz and boost the bottom line.

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