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CGmentor Inc. renders high quality, time bound, cost effective outsourcing IT services facilities throughout Greater Toronto, Canada. The key to successful outsourcing of your projects lies in your choice of selecting an experienced outsourcing service provider who can satisfy your business requirement and technical criteria that match your stream of expectations. CGmentor Inc. is a company with global clientele that helps businesses expansion and their IT operations into a more efficient and effective support structure to improve their IT related efforts. Now you have a good reason for engaging and embracing IT outsourcing services in Toronto wholeheartedly.

Charlie Chaplin Google Doodle

The Google Doodle team stars in an homage to the silent film era’s greatest star’s 122nd birthday.

MIT’s Digital Food Printer Creates Nutritious Meals

Here’s an interesting thought: What if eating greener and more sustainably meant printing your meals? Marcelo Coelho and Amit Zoran, a couple ingenious minds at MIT, have come up with a way to do just that. Hailed as ‘The Cornucopia’, this 3-D printer concept is a personal food factory that fuses the digital world with the realm of cooking by storing, precisely mixing, depositing, and cooking layers of ingredients with no waste. Read more

Apple Unveils Final Cut Pro X

Apple has unveiled Final Cut Pro X, the newest version of its popular video-editing software.

Final Cut Pro X is a rebuild of the 12-year-old software, according to Apple‘s Peter Steinauer and Randy Ubillos. It’s the first 64-bit version for the software, capable of utilizing all eight cores and more than 4 GB of RAM of the Mac for professional video editing. Apple revealed the new version of Final Cut Pro at an event at the National Association of Broadcasters trade show in Las Vegas.

ICT Lab’s to Google’s Gmail Motion

This year Google has announced the release of “Gmail Motion“: as a April Fool. However the Software Library Optimizing Obligatory Waving (SLOOW) – and show how it can be used with a Microsoft Kinect sensor to control Gmail using the gestures described by Google. This project uses OpenNI coupled with FAAST and was made by Evan Suma and the folks at Mark Bolas’ MxR Lab at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies.

How Hard Can It Be?

“How Hard Can It Be?” on the National Geographic Channel, engineers constructed a basic house structure and lifted it into the air for more than an hour by 300 weather balloons.

Gmail Motion Rolled Out; Latest April Fools’ Day Prank from Google

Happy April Fools’ Day again, from Google. This year the company has announced the release of “Gmail Motion“:

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